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Storytelling in the Woods, Fairy Tales

Here is a good story about a woman who is adapting fairy tales for today’s world. And guess how, with the old way of sending them through the mail. Yes that’s right, in an envelope, in the U.S. Mail.

When I open my mail, I only expect to see bills or promotional flyers that I chuck into the trash, not the bills of course, the promotional flyers. Those flyers are nearly as bad as telemarketing calls at dinner time in the evening, although not as intrusive. I suppose that only is true for those of us who have kept our land line.

This woman is carefully rewriting well-loved fairy tales and sending a monthly email to her audience packaged in twine with a local “wild treasure” which could be a bay leaf, a tiny piece of moss or some other item from the woods near her home. She rewrites 8,000 to 10,000-word fairy tales and ancient myths from around the world.

Here is a link to the article about her from the Marin Independent Journal.

Halloween in the Neighborhood

My neighbors, Brooks and Trevor have a Corgi. His name is Morty.

Morty has 1395 followers on Instagram and one day Trevor was walking Mort down the street and two teenagers pointed at him and said, “is that mortythecorgi?” And Trevor said yes, and they said, “we follow him on Instagram!”

Well, for Halloween Brooks and Trevor had lots of candy and decorations in their front yard and I was over there enjoying the evening with them.

Morty’s best friends are Togo and Misha who live on the other side of me. Below are some family photos . Sometimes in our neighborhood, we say that we live in Mortyville. For Halloween, Morty was Batman and Togo was Robin.

Welcome to the new!

Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog site. The old blog will still continue to work and become an archive. has been redesigned and greatly simplified. There is still:

  • Free membership.
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How to Log in:

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I hope that you like the new website and that you find it much easier to use with the same benefits you had before.

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