My name is Margaret Randall and I was born and raised in suburban Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I grew up as the oldest with two brothers and a sister. We were close to our cousins and saw them weekends and holidays at my Grandmother’s home where we celebrated and ate her chicken soup with the home made noodles and her fabulous apple pie.

When I reached college age, I attended the University of Wisconsin Journalism school. I married my husband soon after graduating. He was in my same high school class and also went to UW. Our lives took us to California where he knew there would be more interesting engineering work and we moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. We developed a love for San Francisco Bay during 20 years, bought a home and tried to have children, but were not able to. At the age of only 46 he passed away suddenly and I was left a young widow.

Ever the journalist, I had always written stories in my journals. I had also written short stories too. As a writer, I suppose we all think we will write the Great American Novel. Certainly that occurred to me, but even after sending out a few stories that were rejected by publishers, the love of writing never left me. Undaunted, I continued to write every day in my working life as a technical writer for various large corporations. I enjoyed organizing the information to be helpful to others.

Along the way, I renewed my faith in the story-writing process. I am interested in the stories of transition and renewal through the unexpected twists and turns of life and the companionship of writing and sharing these stories with others. I joined various writing groups. And at one point, I embraced the idea of some time later in my career, perhaps transitioning into telling people’s life stories and creating books. I mentioned this to someone at a gathering and he said, “why not put it on the web? That way more people could do it.”

What an idea, I thought. A life-story writing website. And that was how the idea for TellOurLifeStories.com was born.

When I go in and read the stories in the collection, I am always happy to find them so heartwarming. I know some of them by heart, by now, practically but I don’t tire of seeing them. Take a look at the Story Collection and browse through nearly 100 stories. You will see for yourself what nice reading this is. These are stories you can curl up with and read one or two at a time, or save for a day when you need a lift.

On TellOurLifeStories.com, we can write for the joy of it. We can write our memories, we can write about people who have meant something special to us. We can write about traditions and about the things that happen every day.

In addition, I realize that when the uncles and aunts are gone, there is no one to ask. The stories of these ancestors touched countless lives. Their stories empower the family with a bond of continuity.

And so, I did start TellOurLifeStories.com as a writers group in your own home, a place for companionship, ideas and encouragement.


If you have questions please contact tellourlifestories @ gmail . com. (No spaces).