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Welcoming the New Year

Here it is 2014, and if you are like me, you might have made some resolutions, or perhaps if they weren’t formally put into a list, you may have mused over some ideas about what to do differently in the new year. You may have set some goals for yourself.

I have a tradition of getting together on New Year’s Eve with some friends. We eat our San Francisco traditional fresh cracked crab with sourdough bread and butter lettuce salad. We drink some champagne. As part of our evening, we also share a look back and a look forward. One of my friends has these Medicine Cards. We each shuffle the deck of cards and draw one. Then we read what the animal represents. One year, I got the turtle. It was telling me that I would be very deliberate about making decisions. And that year, during that timeframe that message resonated with me. Actually every year when we do this, it is always a different message from the cards and as we move around our circle of friends, it is interesting to see the cards that they draw and hear them talk about why the card feels like it has meaning or if it doesn’t.

Perhaps you have a New Year’s tradition that you could write about?

Think about it because it could be fun and it could help you to put your thoughts together as you move into 2014.

All the best to you!

Halloween in the Neighborhood

My neighbors, Brooks and Trevor have a Corgi. His name is Morty.

Morty has 1395 followers on Instagram and one day Trevor was walking Mort down the street and two teenagers pointed at him and said, “is that mortythecorgi?” And Trevor said yes, and they said, “we follow him on Instagram!”

Well, for Halloween Brooks and Trevor had lots of candy and decorations in their front yard and I was over there enjoying the evening with them.

Morty’s best friends are Togo and Misha who live on the other side of me. Below are some family photos . Sometimes in our neighborhood, we say that we live in Mortyville. For Halloween, Morty was Batman and Togo was Robin.