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We are looking for more stories for our NEXT BOOK.

We published two books, available on BLURB.COM, and are looking for stories for the next one. These books are easy-to-read, full of heartwarming stories about family, travel, life transition, holidays and more. When you start writing your stories here and adding them to our  Story Collection, your stories become eligible to be included in the next book. See another story from the Story Collection. is a place where writers like us are getting together to create something new.

Hello, my name is Margaret, and I want to ask you some questions and tell you a little more about,

  • Do you have an interest in telling the stories of your life, but feel overwhelmed by the prospect?
  • Do your friends or children tell you that you should write some of your stories down?
  • Do you think about how the stories of your family will be lost if someone doesn’t record them?
  • As your older relatives and your parents pass from this life, are you struck by all the questions that lie forgotten because no one asked them and no one wrote down their stories and now they are no longer alive to tell them?
  • Do you have a reunion group or church or community group with stories to tell?

If you are like most writers, you have great intentions but it is difficult to motivate yourself for the challenge of writing your life stories and those of your family. You are in good company! There are lots of people who feel the same way that you do.

I started for the people just like us who want to tell those stories so that they remain alive.

  • Joins you on your story telling journey.
  • Provides you with a periodic newsletter containing encouragement and ideas to move you forward.
  • Connects you with the stories of others who are telling their stories just like you.
  • Helps you think of new topics.
  • Encourages you in the telling of your own life stories of transition and change.
  • Gives you a place to publish your stories in a Collection seen by other members.
  • Points you to helpful information, books and articles about story writing.
  • Presents podcast interviews with authors and experts in story writing so you can listen for new ideas.

Thank you for your time today! Before you leave, take a look at TellOurLifeStories Blog

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